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How To Get Better Grades In Law School Using Essay Exam Attack Sheets [VIDEO]

In this video, I'm sharing with you how I got better grades in law school using essay exam attack sheets.

This simple law school essay exam writing tool will help you:

  • learn the law

  • prepare for exams

  • take what you know and understand about the law and put it into a concise factual analysis for exam day

  • shave down up to 15 minutes on one hour exams

  • laser in on core issues and facts that are examined in the exam hypothetical

In this video, I'll demonstrate how I broke down products liability into a simple, strong rule and sub rule analysis for strict liability, negligence, and breach of warranty.

These exam attack sheets and recommended study strategy will help you turn your knowledge of the law into an instinctual essay writing mindset.

I recommend:

  1. Copying the essay exam attack sheets by hand until you memorize it intuitively

  2. Look for hypothetical exams on the bar exam website that match the subject matter you're practicing

  3. Practice the attack sheets with the hypos

  4. Time yourself and type as fast as possible in writing down the rules and analyze the facts

  5. Do as many hypotheticals as possible to make essay writing second nature

Take at least two months in practicing as many exam hypotheticals as possible. Look at what you're getting wrong and take extra time to master those areas of weaknesses

The goal of essay exam attack sheets is to:

  • Visual breakdown the analysis in your mind

  • Make yourself comfortable in going through a step by step analysis

  • Create experiential learning

  • Give yourself extra time during the exam to review your work and correct any mistakes

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