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Leslie Juvin Acker Law School For Visual

How It Got Started

The Full Story of Law School For Visual Learners

I am a law student in a California correspondence school. I love to read, but learning legal rules, elements, and subelements was a challenge. I realized by my first midterm that I wasn't learning the laws as quickly or with full comprehension. I had to find another way and I started learning the law visually. That's when my confidence soared. I'm eager to share my journey and resources with you so you can pass law school and the bar exam, too!

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How I Think

My first self-conscious thought as a child was, "I better use my imagination if I'm going to have any fun here (in life)" was when I was about four years old.

I have made it my career to help people use their imaginations and creative faculties to create the lives and careers they love. I spent 10 years as a life and career coach to executives, celebrities, professional athletes and every day people like you and me. And now, I'm fulfilling my personal dream of pursuing a legal education.

After trying to learn the law the "traditional way" by attending lectures and reading for hours, I now use the same methods to learn the law as I have helped myself and others - though creative solutions.

Hand Drawing
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My Technical Background

Achieve Anything With Creative Learning

When I was in undergrad, I was a professional note taker and reader for my school's Disability Resource Center. The job was recommended to me by my friend and college roommate who is legally blind and deaf. I had a passionate interest from that point to help people learn advanced concepts in a simple way. My notes and recordings were highly rated by the students.

I started my professional career as a career and life coach. I helped foreign students write their first resumes in English. I taught them how to write resumes as strategic professional marketing tools. My first resume client is now the CEO of an international real estate operation.

I taught personal and professional development to French and Chinese students at INSEEC Business School. I was hired within 15 minutes of showing the Dean my visual teaching methods. My students wrote to me after telling me all the things they accomplished thanks to my methods.

I continued passionately teaching my clients in all backgrounds - pharmaceuticals, outdoor sports, fashion, and more - abstract performance psychology concepts to help them get promotions, improve their marriages, and handle stress.

That spun out into writing books, producing an app, hosting a podcast, and speaking professionally as a money psychology expert speaker.

I love teaching. Why? Because students gain confidence to be, do, and have anything! With a little imagination, we can go anywhere.

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