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How To Study More Effectively During Law School [VIDEO]

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

More than 85% of the law school experience consists of studying. Find out how to make studying an enjoyable part of your healthy lifestyle.

A typical law student will try to do as much as they can each year. They'll study for hours and hours. You might have nine to eleven hour days in law school.

You may have to adjust your life, career, finances, and family life to the demands of law school.

This video is to help you enjoy the law school study process, achieve more success, and feel more confident and comfortable with your study routine.

I don't want you to just rush through assignments, cram for exams, get Cs, and squeak through the bar exam.

Rather, I want you to get a bigger picture of what getting a law degree means in the context of your life. Build character, relationships, and perspective so that when you graduate you will have a line of clients through your own personal network eager to get your help.

#1. Avoid Cram Sessions

Create a dedicated study schedule each week or work when you feel most mentally clear

There is a natural desire to do and study as much as you can. And, there may be pressure to show your self, family, professors or classmates that you're a hardworking and dedicated student. You may feel the fear of failure.

However, there is a diminishing marginal utility to studying too much. Once you reach a limit, your effort may not be as efficient. In fact, you may get so overwhelmed that you burn yourself out.

Rather, take your time with your studies. Work at a pace where you're at the most clear and capable of absorbing new information. For some, that's during the morning. Others, it's when their kids are asleep or when all the demands of life are set aside for the day. Think about when you're most mentally clear and study during those times.

Additionally, take the rest of your life into consideration - you may have children, a full time job, or have to attend to other responsibilities. Work with your personal and professional life schedule and optimize the time in your day where you are free and mentally clear to take on new subjects.

#2. Find a way to channel your energy, de-stress, and enjoy your life

I like to ride horses on the weekends, do home projects, help friends during the afternoons, do fun activities with my kids and husband.

Find ways to enjoy your life NOW. Don't wait for college graduation. And, certainly don't wait until you find a legal job.

Rather, take the time to smell life's roses. You never know how life will be in three to four years, so enjoy everyone in your life today.

Taking your time to enjoy your life and YOUR SELF as a person can help you take your studies into perspective. You may gain an important understanding about a doctrine while out and about. Learning doesn't only happen in a classroom or library.

#3. Try the Pomodoro Technique

sand timer

Use the timer on your phone or a cooking timer. Put it to 20 minutes. Study non-stop for those 20 minutes. Then, take 15 minutes to rest.

#4. Take your time through assignments

Take your time when you read cases. You may find interesting insights on policy consideration, how facts are analyzed, and the scope of the law.

Look at the bigger of each assignment. Don't force yourself to just "get through" the assignment.

#5 Try Calendaring

Calendaring helps you to plan ahead. Calendaring also allows you to pace yourself. And, you can challenge yourself to create learning objectives for each month or quarter.

Calendaring helps you to learn what is expected of you to learn and understand during a specified period of time. Be sure to give yourself some time to enjoy and relax in between intense study periods. Plan our vacations and fun activities as rewards for your continued efforts.


Get a mentor.

A mentor can help you get perspective when you feel pressured or discouraged. They can give you hot tips and ideas for getting the most out of your studies. You'll be making an important friend along the way.

Don't be hard on yourself!

Get through law school with a sense of optimism, hope, and joy. Take each day as it comes. Give yourself some learning goals, get help, and try new methods for learning.


This list is not hard and fast. Consider these tips within the context of your life. If you have tips of your own, please leave a comment and share with others!

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