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Recommended Law School Resources For Visual Learners

Books, Videos, Tutors & More

Here, I recommend resources that I have used and LOVE. I wouldn't recommend it unless I trust it for myself. Links to books and programs may have affiliate links. They help to support this website and getting the word out to help other law students.

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The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Albert Einstein

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Scott Caron

Law Tutor

If you want to go from floundering to flying in law school, Scott Caron is your law tutor. I went from being overwhelmed to laser focused in just one session thanks to Scott. He gives you direct answers and explanations. Scott explains concepts visually and metaphorically so you can learn concepts quickly and easily. It doesn't hurt that he's an actual law professor, too.

Here is his Wyzant Profile

Scott Caron Law School For Visual Learne
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critical pass flash cards.jpg

Critical Pass Flash Cards

Flash Cards On The Go

These flash cards are helpful for studying on the go and using the rule statements and elements break down to make your own essay attack sheets.

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Law School For Visual Learners Essay Exa

Essay Exam Writing

Fast Outlines & Useful Essay Writing Strategies

I can't stop telling people how much I love this book. It sits as my main book on my desk, especially for 1L topics (torts, criminal law, and contracts). The attack sheets and issues lists give you what you need to actually take the FYLSE and Bar Exam. Get it!

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How to brief a case.jpg

Brief Cases With Ease

Useful Case Briefing Learning Tool

I love this tool. This tool helped me to learn how to visually spot rules, parties, facts, and dicta. If you have to brief cases and do it fast, this tool will help you learn the skills to make the reading process faster.

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Deconstructing Legal Analysis

Write The Perfect Essay

Are your essays too conclusionary? Do your analysis sections suck? Want to stop feeling horrible every time you write a legal issue spotting essay? Get this book - like yesterday! The explanations are taught in a visual way - I could kiss Peter T. Wendel. Really. I could.

Deconstructing Legal Analysis Law School
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