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Visual Method For Learning Accomplice Liability For Solicitation [VIDEO]

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Check out my visual method for learning accomplice liability for solicitation

Criminal Liability Can Flow To YOU The Moment The Intended Subject Attempts and/or Completes the Crime

If the intended individual attempts or completes the crime, then the solicitor may be liable for the crimes as an accomplice. And, therefore, criminal liability flows FROM the attempt or completion of the target crime. Whew! That's a lot to remember!

Don't worry, I explain these concepts in my video using my visual outline of criminal law. You can learn with me what exactly is the crime of solicitation AND, in this video, learn how accomplice liability/merger must be examined in your law school or bar exam essay analysis.

After solicitation occurs, the solicitor is on the hook.

Remember To Touch On Accomplice Liability In Your Essays

To keep people from encouraging others to doing their dirty work, accomplice liability comes into play to keep puppeteers on the hook for the consequences of the act someone else committed.

The point of this video is to help you remember to include "merger" into your analysis. Solicitation can be a lesser included offense. The solicitor can be found guilty for solicitation and the attempt/completion of the target crime. Solicitation is a misdemeanor, where the target crime can be a felony. So, remember to think about that when considering the concept of merger in your findings of accomplice liability.

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