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A Visual Method For Learning The Crime of Solicitation [VIDEO]

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

An Easy Visual Method For Learning The Crime of Solicitation

A visual method for learning the crime of solicitation can help you learn the concept quickly and easily.

You Can Be Guilty of Solicitation Even If You Fail

Solicitation is one of three Inchoate Crimes - or "Incomplete" crimes. You can be liable even if you fail to commit the target offense.

Solicitation, like the other inchoate crimes, is like a door to the other crimes. But, it can be a crime in and of itself. In a world where people have common sense, they don't have to agree to your request, encouragement, or bribe to commit a crime. So, the criminal legal system created a way to punish individuals who try to get other people to commit crimes.

Criminal Liability Can Flow To YOU The Moment The Intended Subject Attempts and/or Completes the Crime

The other thing to remember is, if the intended individual attempts or completes the crime, then the solicitor may be liable for the crimes as an accomplice. And, therefore, criminal liability flows FROM the attempt or completion of the target crime. Whew! That's a lot to remember!

Don't worry, I explain these concepts in my video using my visual outline of criminal law. You can learn with me what exactly is the crime of solicitation AND, in a later video, learn how accomplice liability/merger must be examined in your law school or bar exam essay analysis.

Did you enjoy my visual method for learning the crime of solicitation? Let me know in the comments!

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