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Remedies Visual Outline Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

Hello all you beautiful law school students!

After 75 hours of building my 88 pages of visual outline, I'm happy to report that the Remedies visual outline is now available in the online shop.

This means that you can learn remedies for torts, contracts, and (to a limited extent for the CA bar) real property in greater depth, step by step, in a fun and easier to learn method. My remedies visual outline is something unique and handy for not only learning advanced legal concepts regarding remedies, but how to approach their exam analysis for law school exams and the bar exam.

Before you check out the shop, I want to show you what I worked hard on for not only myself, but for those students who need a little extra helping hand with step by step visual explanations.

In this sneak peek video for my remedies visual outline, I break down the following:

  • How I structured the overall remedies visual outline.

  • Why I use colors, shapes, charts, and other visual learning aids.

  • Why I only explain, on average, up to three concepts per page.

  • Why I only offer print remedies visual outlines

  • and more!

Watch this video to learn about my learning process and see how this type of remedies visual outline can not only help you master the subject but...

  • Learn faster

  • Have a deeper core understanding of remedies

  • Have fun

  • Be able to explain this topic even to children

  • Analyze law school and bar exam hypotheticals faster

  • Write law school and bar exam essays faster

Have you created your own remedies visual outline? If not, check out mine in the shop!

Thanks for joining me!

Your friend,


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