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A Visual Outline For Negligence Defenses [VIDEO]

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

A Visual Outline For Negligence Defenses

Join me in a short study session of my visual outline for negligence defenses.

Every negligence essay in law school and on the bar exam essay section requires an analysis of defenses. I will help make it easy for you to learn and remember negligence defenses. Join me as I review my visual outline for negligence defenses. *yay!*

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Baby, I Got Your Money (Minus Your Own Negligence, That Is!) Visual Outline For Negligence Defenses

When it has been decided that the defendant is negligent by going through the 5 steps of an negligence analysis (e.g. duty, breach, actual cause, proximate cause, and damages), we now have to evaluate how much of the blame the plaintiff must share. What we're really trying to ask is how much money can the defendant deduct from the total damages?

This is the defendant's chance to reduce their total liability. The jury is ultimately going to decide this imprecise science of calculating whose is responsible for what portion of damages, but for the sake of your law school exam essay or bar exam essay, you've got to "foressee" - through your analysis - what the jury is most likely going to decide.

Visual Outline For Negligence Defenses - Make It A Game

In this visual outline for negligence defenses, I created for you a game opportunity. I created a chart that you can copy and cut up and do a memory game. Or, you can use them as mini flash cards. Take 15 minutes to play with these concepts and even use them when you're reading a hypo or case study to see where you can spot each defense.

Did you watch my mini-study session? Did you learn something? Do you have an additional tip or resource? A better explanation? Add it in the comments or email me at learnlawwithleslie [at]

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