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Be Ready For Exam Day With These Visual Outlines

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How I Created Visual Law School Outlines To Learn Law Fast [VIDEO]

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Visual Law School Outlines Will Help You Learn The Last Faster

Check out my story and see my visual law school outline starting with my visual tort law outline.

My Technical Background In Creating Visual Notes

When I was in undergrad, I was a professional note taker and book reader for my University's Disability Resource Center. It came as a recommendation from my friend and college roommate, who is legally blind and deaf.

This job helped me to plan my note taking strategy with vision and a careful approach. I made sure to illustrate complex ideas with simple explanations along with a flow that made intuitive sense. This job helped me to study smarter, learn faster, and perform better. I went from a B/C average to joining the Dean's List and graduating cum laude. My favorite part of the job was getting feedback from the students and coordinators who gained a lot from my notes. This job filled me with pride and self-satisfaction.

My creative approach continued in coaching my career and life coaching clients. I created worksheets to help my clients breakdown performance psychology and career concepts. I was hired within 15 minutes of showing the Dean my worksheets and landed the job of teaching MBA and International Trade Students in a French business school. My students loved my powerpoint slides and hilarious comics and memes (before memes were an instagram thing). My clients knew me for the use of my "famous white board" with which I illustrated to them complex behavioral psychology concepts in a simple, intuitive flow.

Failure Lead Me To Create Visual Law School Outlines

I tried using old fashioned outline books like Gilberts and standard law books like Emmanuels. My eyes would get tired and bored from looking at all the black and white. I couldn't make out the difference between anything! No amount of highlighting in the world would save me from the black and white monotony. I have highlighters in about twelve different colors!

After I got my first midterm essay back and the grader to me I had "no understanding of the law" I knew I had to find another way to learn the Black Letter Law and pronto!

So, then I hired a tutor (Scott, who I recommend in my resources page) who helped to explain the tort exam analytical approach to me visually. Then, everything just clicked. I had flashbacks of my note taking days - that was SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO (I am dating myself) - and how passionate I felt about helping my clients. I intuitively knew I had to create visual law school outlines.

Within a couple weeks, I created a 161 page visual torts outline and I was memorizing concepts quickly and easily. I learned faster in those two weeks than I had done in 6 months of attending lectures, study hours with classmates, briefing over 30 cases, and handwriting AND typing over 265 definitions, and writing by hand flash cards. I was onto something!

I feel more confident in class. And learning comes easier and faster. In my tutoring sessions, I'm able to ask good questions that take me further in my understanding.

Visual Law School Outlines Will Help You Learn Law Fast

Check Out My Law School Outlines Or Make Your Own Visual Law School Outline

Making a visual law school outline is time intensive, but I learned while making mine and refer to them when I need a concept refresher or want to work on a practice essay. You can do the same! Or, you can purchase a copy of my visual law school notes to help you learn the concepts and make your own outline along with it.

Have you made your own visual law school outlines? If not, are you willing to get creative and give it a try? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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