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Emotional Well-Being Tips To Relieve Law School Pressure [VIDEO]

Law school pressure can take its toll on your emotional, physical, and mental health.

It is no secret that law school can be a mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging time in a student's life. Preparing for and performing during the bar exam can be emotionally exhausting, too,

If you are a sensitive, caring, and imaginative law school student like me, then odds are, you've also had your fair share of emotional and mental growing pains, too.

My Experiences With Law School Pressure

In this video, I share my own experiences during my first two years of law school.

I share how I experienced a panic attack while hearing about a murder. I talk about how my vision was affected by hours of reading.

I share how I recognized physical tension in the muscles on my head and how I got treatment and care for my physical health.

If you've experienced similar experiences, watch this video to get perspective on how to feel better and enjoy your time during law school.

Recognizing Law School Pressure Provides An Opportunity To Deal With Your Own Emotional Triggers

When you graduate law school and become a licensed attorney, people will come to you with their own emotional, mental, and financial problems. They might have serious problems of the criminal nature, or personal problems like divorce, exploitations or abuse, or complex problems that take your time, energy, and attention from your self, family, and own life.

Law school pressure provides an opportunity for you to build your character and resilience. If you are uncomfortable with managing and resolving conflict, stress, obstructions, dysfunction during law school, then you'll need to start working on your resolution skills now. Get help, learn emotional intelligence skills, and take time to focus on your emotional health. Gain a sense of centeredness, serenity so that you can help others through their own life lessons.

Learn To De-personalize Law School Pressure

Some of the pressure you feel in law school may not even be your own. You may be empathic and take on other's emotional conflict. That might include your professors, administrators, or classmates.

Learn to de-personalize the behavior of others. Your grades may not be fair. Your professors may not be kind or patient. Discover that the moods that others wear does not have to suit you. What others do, say, and think has nothing to do with you - unless you started the problem!

Shake Off Law School Pressure By Prioritizing

Don't let law school pressure tell you what is important to you and how you should live your life. Yes, your commute or study schedule may be long, but it doesn't mean that it has to be grueling. Learn to make things fun YOUR WAY - infuse your personal joy into everything you do.

If your classmates are dramatic, gossiping, or just selfish - cut off those relationships. Prioritize your well-being. If your professor isn't supportive, orient yourself to mentors who can encourage you. If your professor's teaching methods or strategies don't help you absorb - find other experts who can give you study strategies to help you succeed.

Don't Let Law School Pressure Destroy Your Health

Our most treasured jewel in life is HEALTH.

If you destroy your health by allowing law school pressure to cause you to ignore your needs, then what is the point of pursuing a destructive career?

Prioritize creating your version of a healthy lifestyle during law school. This way, when you graduate law school, you will have created a healthy balance between your vocation and personal life.

Don't Let Law School Pressure Cut You Off From Love

Love - sharing in the good inherent in us - is essential for living a fulfilling life in all areas. Be sure to exercise love everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. It doesn't mean passive, rolled on your back, submissive love. I mean honest and frank interactions. Be honest and genuine with those around you and stand up for yourself when you need to. Let others love you, guide you, and care for you. You need extra love during some of the most psychologically challenging years of your life.

Watch The Video For Tips On Managing Law School Pressure

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