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Does Law School Make You Sick, Sad, And Fat?

Hello all you beautiful law school students, Leslie here.

Today's blog post is a confessional of sorts where I discussed all the ways I got things wrong in law school and how I was able to turn it around.

I ask the critical question: Does law school make you sick, sad, and fat?

I share it all on my most recent vlog post.

Some ways that I was able to make the most of 3L and into my fourth year of law school is outlined in the video.

Law school doesn't have to make you sick, sad, and fat. But, if you're like me, then you definitely want to watch this video on how to be healthy, happy, and fit for living your best life during law school and beyond.

Law school is designed to get you to quit, question your self, and create conflict to argue over. But, you don't have to have inner conflict in order to get the most out of law school. You can escape law school without getting sick, fat, and sad. You just have to make it your businses to do the most important thing that a lot of people do not learn until it is critical or almost too late. That is...

taking care of your self!

Join me in this video confessional as I share my own personal story of feeling sick, sad, and fat during law school.

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