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Updated Policy on Shipping, Refunds & Electronic Copies of Visual Outlines

Hello beautiful law school students:

Updated Refund Policy

In the past, refunds on unsent outlines were possible because Square and credit card processing companies did not charge me for this process. Unfortunately, Square has issued a new policy going forward that will NOT refund credit card transaction fees, leaving online sellers footing the bill.

This is not a good policy on the long term because it places an unnecessary strain between online sellers and buyers, but that's what they've stated. It does affect my refund policy.

So, if you order a visual outline and then try to reach out to me to send you an electronic copy because you have an exam in 3 days - don't expect a refund because you can't get a copy before your exam date. It has happened several times where a student orders visual outlines, wanting me to send them next day (which costs a lot of money) or, want me to send the outlines for free with media mail (which is always offered on my site) and then ask for digital versions to tide them over while the outlines go through the postal service.

With that said, all law school students learning calendaring so it's no surprise that you must plan ahead when ordering your visual outlines. Plan weeks in advance. It takes about 7 days from order, print, packing and shipping to final delivery to your home. If you live far from California, it may take more time with media mail shipping.

If, for some reason, a refund (in full or partially) is necessary, I'll have to substract the credit card processing fees from your amount. It's simply to keep the website going and not to incur an undue burden on the service. Refunds on non-shipped items rarely happen, but that's the policy going forward. It's worth repeating that there are no refunds on mailed outlines.

Electronic Versions of Outlines

I still DO NOT offer electronic versions of visual outlines and will not going forward. Visual outlines are best used tangibly.

I'm also not dumb and I know that some students will charge their classmates for their digital copies thereby creating rogue outlines everywhere in the world. Selling digital outlines makes no sense for me.

Plus, students have even told me that digital versions of anything are psychologically worthless to students who scour the internet for free outlines, study guides, and tips and have hundreds of files they never look at. I, too, know this, because I did this my first year of law school before I started creating visual outlines and attack sheets.

Shipping Policy

I offer free medial mail shipping on all orders big or small.

If you want express shipping, YOU must purchase and send me the shipping label via email. Plenty of students have done this and it works just fine.

I will not go to the post office to calculate shipping costs for you. I just don't have the time available. Use a FedEx, UPS, or USPS account to purchase your label. I can give you the weight, if necessary.

Thanks for your understanding! I hope this helps you in planning your purchase of the visual outlines.

All the best...


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