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Simple Essay Writing Study Strategy For Law School Essay Exams [VIDEO]

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Overcome Test Taking Anxiety Associated With Law School Essay Exams

Are you a law school student who is freaked out and overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a 10-page legal analysis on your law school essay exams? You're not alone! Overcome them with my essay writing study strategy.

I felt that way, too, before I started getting serious about my study strategy. Remember: you can only see what you're looking at. This is a great maxim for all you visual learners out there.


Because, if you do not have a clear image of how to analyze an issue spotting exam, then you'll find yourself FILLED with emotions on exam day. Emotions are the last things you want to deal with on exam day when you're writing a law school essay exam.

Rather, you want to have your issue spotting analysis strategy imprinted within your subconscious mind.

Why, you ask further?

Because, you only have 60 minutes to READ, flesh out, and write with precision a 9 to 10 page paper. You don't have time to THINK!

Do All Your Thinking Ahead of Time Before Taking Your Law School Essay Exam

So, you MUST do all of your thinking ahead of time. This goes beyond simply memorizing the law. There must be a logical structure of analysis to imprint subconsciously so that when you're in a perceptively "high pressure" situation, you won't feel any stress at all - you'll only feel confident because you have already mastered the analytical approach in your mind.

Once you have attended all of your required classes, studied every outline and did every single assignment, you'll need to focus on your writing strategy. You see, that maxim I said earlier about only seeing what you're looking at comes back into play:

You have to have put in the effort of testing every issue under the magnifying glass of analysis. Put those black letter laws to work, employ those subelement exceptions and rules, and have a big picture approach to examining a legal issue.

Introducing law school exam attack sheets!

I learned this technique from my tutor, Scott Caron, who I mention in the resources page. He assigned me to make these while practicing many hypotheticals.

Put Your Imagination To Work And Cruise Through Law School Essay Exams

I made one for products liability and spent an entire day memorizing the analytical approach. The next day, I closed the book and found a bar exam products liability hypothetical and did the entire essay without scratch paper and IRACing issues straight from the mental picture I created in my mind. I was able to write the entire essay - hitting every single one that the high grade student example provided - within 50 minutes. You can do it, too, with this simple law school essay writing study strategy!

I recommend using this simply essay writing study strategy. Make your own or check out the law School For Visual Learners shop to see when they'll be available (approximately by December 2020).

Have you made your own essay attack sheet? Share your ideas and tips with us in the comments.

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