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My Federal Rules of Evidence 2022 Audiobook Now on YouTube

Hello all you beautiful law school students,

I was studying the federal rules of evidence when I realized that I would enjoy an audiobook version so that I could do my chores.

I looked on YouTube and Audible and did not find any good recording of the Federal Rules of Evidence, so I decided to make one for myself since I was going to take the time to read it anyway.

I got the idea to post the 2022 Federal Rules of Evidence onto YouTube for all law school students in the United States so that you, too, can listen and memorize the Federal Rules of Evidence while doing your chores or activities.

I hope you find my voice soothing. I also hope that you like the way I annunciated the words and phrases to help you integrate the rules into your mind.

I used to read text books onto cassette tape, YES cassette TAPE in undergrad. One review I got from a blind student was that she liked the sound of birds in my background. If you listen closely, you can hear my cockatiels. :)

There is an Easter egg mistake in the Federal Rules of Evidence audio video. Can you SEE it? I put it there because one of my law school professors would make errors and challenge us to find it. I want to know if you're paying attention! hehe.

I will be working on my visual outlines for evidence, civil procedure, professional responsibility, and constitutional law this fall. I'm currently working on other coursework and I am presently studying Corporate Governance at Cornell Law School for my legal focus of Corporate law and governance.

If you listened to this audiobook of Federal Rules of Evidence 2022, please let me know what you think and if it helped you. I will record the California Rules of Evidence 2022 this week, too. I hope you like that, too. I will also read the U.S. Constitution to you, too.

Your friend,


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