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When To Expect New Law School Subjects In The Visual Learners Shop

Hello all you beautiful law school students!

Leslie Juvin-Acker here -

I desire to give you an update on when you can expect new law school subjects in the Law School For Visual Learners shop!

  1. Torts

  2. Contracts

  3. Criminal Law

  4. Criminal Procedure

  5. Real Property

  6. Remedies

  7. Business Associations (Agency, Partnership, Corporations)

What is coming by the end of 2022 (October/Nov respectively):

  1. Civil Procedure

  2. Evidence

  3. Professional Responsibility

  4. Constitutional Law

What is coming by the end of 2023 (Nov/Dec respectively):

  1. Administrative Law

  2. Community Property

  3. Wills/Trusts/Estates

You can presently get my mnemonics guide for Crim Pro/Real Property/Remedies/Business Associations in the shop.

The GREAT NEWS for you is that I will be doing a mnemonics guide for the rest of the remaining subjects, too. I'll break them up into individual subjects and bundle packs.

Remember, all of my visual outlines are based on California bar exam material. They can, however, help you in your regular school written exams if you go to a school in another state. I am proud to say that students in top law schools in America buy my visual outlines. I must be doing something right.

I am loyal and committed to helping you learn the law in a visual way AND how to approach written exam analysis. After these last two years, I have figured out a system for learning the black letter law in a visual way. My husband says that I'm not stressed anymore about my studying, if that says something. ha.

I work five days a week working on my outlines, thinking of you, and how to help you learn the law even faster than me. Stick with me, we're in this for the long haul. It's not a marathon in the grueling sense of the word, but I like to think of each day as a water-tight compartment and ever better than the last. Let's make each day of the law school journey even more pleasant and inspiring then the last.

I've been thinking of sharing my daily organization tools and how I clean my study area tidy. If you'd like to learn how I do that in a budget friendly way, leave a comment! Tell me what tools you like to use to keep yourself organized!

Thanks for being a friend on this legal education journey. I wish you immediate success in all matters important to you.

Your law school friend,


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