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Welcome To Law School For Visual Learners [VIDEO]

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Why I Started Law School For Visual Learners Blog

Hi and welcome to Law School for Visual Learners. I'm Leslie Juvin-Acker, and I am a law school student.

This blog is a personal blog for me. I have a company myself, Leslie Inc., of which I am the president and we sell solutions for finding happiness. But, my primary purpose for Law School for Visual Learners is to address the greatest problem in law school: we're reading a lot of black and white.

The problem is reading in black and white is pretty boring, and it is not fun. But, what is fun is learning the law. And, the law involves a lot of storytelling scenarios, hypotheticals because somebody has to die, someone has to get hurt and deals have to get broken.

But to get to that point of being able to visualize all of those things, you have to learn the law. And the law is, as they call it, is "black letter". I want to help you learn the law in a visual and spatial way because over 80% of learning is visual, spatial, and auditory.

Avoid Flunking Out of Law School and Failing The Bar Exam With Visual Learning

There's a reason why a lot of people flunk out of law school, and there's a lot of failure rates in the baby bar (first year law students exam). On the bar exam essay portion, you're trying to paint word pictures with words to get the examiner to understand your logic and show you know the law.

How can we paint word pictures if we don't learn the concepts visually? We are forced memorize words to then illustrate with words. It's like painting a landscape or portrait with only black on a white canvas. Every word has a visual and conceptual understanding. For example, with common law burglary, there is the element "nighttime". Night time can mean a thousand things. But, what if I painted the picture for you and said, "the time between dusk and dawn?". You can see the images in your head and then can begin to rationalize in your argument if the facts fall between that concept.

What Does Nighttime in the element of common law burglary mean?

Answer: The time between dusk and dawn. Take a look at these images.

Now, can you see the word "nighttime" clearly? Do you think you can explain in your essay what nighttime means now? I bet you can!

The Ultimate Goal For Law School For Visual Learners

I want to help you learn visually so you can memorize the rules, the sub elements, the concepts, and then be able to write those concepts into a concise legal analysis in law school issue spotting exams, baby bar, and bar exams.

Law School For Visual Learners is just a blog and a free effort of a fellow student. This was not started as a business endeavor.

I will be recommending some reading and resources. I will be recommending some books. This recommended resources will have affiliate links. And that's just to help support producing this content on on a voluntary basis and to help you with learning visually through law school.

I also will be offering my visual notes for sale. They are printed and I will offer them to be shipped to your home. You're basically just paying for the printing, the binding, me driving to the post office and shipping it to you. So, if you are interested in joining me on my law school journey, I am happy to help you out.

Welcome to Law School for Visual Learners. Again, I am Leslie Juvin-Acker and I hope you enjoy this website.


Getting into law school is a journey in and of itself. Then, there is learning the law. Then, there is getting through the gauntlet of your first legal essay exams. And finally, the bar exam. There are lot of tools out there - but few to none are designed for visual learners. I plan to create an exception to that rule!

Law students laugh, cry, cringe, and complain about the legal education process. It's not made for the faint of heart, but it isn't rocket science, either. Let's learn it together.

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