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How I Got All As On My 1L Final Exams [VIDEO]

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Law school has a bad rap. Law school has a reputation for being hard. However, it's not hard to learn the law and it's not hard to display mastery and competence.

Attending law school, doing the assigned work, and gaining a deep understanding of the law are all three different things.

The first one requires organizing your schedule and making attendance and study a priority.

The second requires strict adherence to your professor's directions.

The third one requires committed practice, application of the law, and unlearning to learn.

It is vitally important to remember...

If you just go to classes, you won't make As.

If you just follow instructions and do the assignments, you won't make As.

However, if you commit to the third one, you will make As.

If you do all three, you will not only make As, you'll graduate law school with honors, and pass the bar exam on the first attempt.

Law school is different from other graduate level programs. You have to perform. You have to show your work by showing your logic. Conclusions don't matter as must as your reasoning. Your ability to show your reasoning skills is what will get you to the top.

In this video, I share what I did to get all As on my 1L final exams.

In summary, to prepare for my finals, I...

got a tutor to break down the subjects and give me direct answers to my questions. (See my resources page for my recommendation)

created and studied by visual outlines (see the shop to get your copies)

created essay attack templates (available in the shop December 2020)

practiced over 80 baby bar exam hypothetical questions (timed and untimed) (go to your state bar exam website to see sample essay questions)

committed 24 hours (on average) each week to my studies and practice.

maintained a vision of myself succeeding.

If I just did the first two, I would not have gotten all As on my final exams. I would have certainly got Cs. I had to take my own learning into my hands and find a way to succeed that works for me.

What did you get on your final exams? Tell us your stories and thoughts on your own experiences.

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